Topics of JAPMED'12

The scope of the Conference includes: Advances in Analysis, Characterization and Manufacturing of Advanced Materials (Magnetic, Superconducting, Multifunctional, Nanostructured Materials).
The topics related to new developments are:

• Computational electromagnetics
• Generation by renewable energy sources
• Magneto-hydrodynamics
• Losses analysis
• Devices (magnetic circuits, transformers, electrical machines, micro-machines)
• Magnetic material processing
• Magnetic material characterization
• Perspectives of high -Tc superconductors
• Modelling of superconductive properties
• Characterization techniques
• Processing of bulk superconductors
• Processing of thin/thick film superconductors
• Applications in energy (electricity/electronics, green energy), environment and transportation (levitation, electrical/magnetic machines, flywheels, HTS/metal junctions, shielding, SQUIDS)
• Computational materials science
• Multifunctional materials for energy conversion
• Nanotechnology
• Nanostructured materials, nanocomposites                      
• Ultraprecision engineering (static to shock loading)
• Biomedical engineering Advanced industrial technologies (“Industry-4.0”)
• Mathematics and its Applications
• Sustainability